Hi, I am Shiharan Choudhury. I am a Tech. Maniac. Born to a middle class family on 11th of October 1991 in the city of Guwahati i am an Electronics Engineer & Communication Expert by qualification, Passionate researcher & developer of Consumer Electronics, Tech. Author, Blogger. But other then that love to tame high speed sports bikes, photography, videograpy. Love to help people with all their tech issues with all the resources and knowledge i have available with me.


Childhood & Academics

My childhood days was the most unstable as i frequently undergone shifting school, not for the reason that i was a mischievous, naughty, rowdy, but to get better education. I started my schooling with Devi Academy English School, then migrated to Good Shepard English School, then Buds English School. Then i  qualified the entrance exam of Assam Rifles Public School and qualified my high school from there. Once again the standard of education got influenced by corruption and had to migrate to Miles Bronson Residential School for Higher Secondary. Finally i completed my schooling by passing the higher secondary. There after qualified the MP PET(Madhya Pradesh Pre Engineering Test) and got enrolled as an engineering student in the Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering of Millenniumm Group Of Institutions. 

Other then school changes, the thing that i am been doing till date with utmost dedication and passion is worshiping electronics. It has fascinated me when i was a small kid and it really attracted me. At the age of 13, i stared to open up house hold electronic equipments and use to stare at the circuit board and wonder the use of each component in it. Then came the revolution in my journey of learning electronics. The personal computer with an internet connection. I then started to spend a long time searching for answers of my questions. In the mean while i read about the multimeter and bought an analog multimeter and then learnt the art of accurately testing electronic components which is the backbone of electronic repair & designing. Along with that i was also trying to learn the art of soldering & desoldering.

The first thing that started to experiment with is the CFL Bulbs as it was easily available. Those days i did not understand the start up section, the coupling capacitor, the bridge rectification section, the filtering section, the role of the driver transistor etc in the PCB of the CFL Bulb, but what i actually did is to desolder the parts using a soldering iron and a desoldering pump. Then tried to test the parts with the multimeter. Doing this improved my soldering & desoldering skill along with providing me a platform to learn electronic component testing. As i grew up, i learnt more and then started to actually try and repair the circuit. I have repaired numerous CFL Bulbs and have immense experience in the field. 

Days passed and i kept learning and today i can conceptualize, design, build & analyze electronic circuits along with repairing consumer electronic equipments. One area of consumer electronics which i always wanted to be master at is the art of repairing Mobile Phones, both the hardware & software sections. 



  • With the aim to help people regarding electronic repair, i hosted a blog entitled Electronic Repair Tips, which is now promoted at Engineers Garage, which is Indias No-1 electronics engineer's community.

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies are completely Tech. oriented. During leisure time i design electronic circuits, repair consumer electronic gadgets, analyze electronic circuits, write blogs on electronics, review smartphones and gadgets. I also love to simplify and rectify the poorly designed circuits by D.Mohankumar, who is exceptionally good in designing electronic circuits which never works, along with that i love to laugh and rectify at the poorly designed circuits by EFY, which is indias one of the leading electronics magazine.Other then that i love to go out and tame high speed racing bikes, do insane things on bike. Also love to play cricket on week ends. When it comes to spend time in indoor conditions i love to stick to my laptop and access social networking sites, play chess, carom. In the past i was an active cadet of NCC and attended a NIC Camp as well.